Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday nears, and everyone is anxious to see the results. For those of you who aren't sure what Super Tuesday is, it is a day where ten states hold their primary elections, and is a big step into who is going to become president. Of course, arguments carry on within parties, and leaders are said to be showing. So who are the people that it seems America will vote for?

You guessed it! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio attack each other within the debates, Donald Trump has the fine chance of being able to surge as a sort of victor, gaining popularity from many of Americas  According to, it seems as though Donald Trump tops his nearest competitor by 30 points, giving almost no chance for anyone other candidate to win. Looking at the final results, Donald Trump goes ahead of nearest competitor by 90 points, and Hillary Clinton was above Bernie Sanders by a large 626 points. So, my loyal blog readers, choose and candidate to vote for, and choose wisely. It could affect our country in the best, or the worst of ways.

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