Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why Hasn't there been a Independent President?

Republicans and Democrats, the political parties that everyone knows about. But what about the Independent Party? The Independent Party was created in 1967 and doesn't follow any strict set of values like the two major parties do. But no Independent member has ever come close to becoming president, will they ever? Of course there was George Washington who was never part of any party, but it's not exactly the same thing.

With Media scrutinizing over every little thing, people can become extremists and limit themselves to what they can and can't believe because that's the only way they think it can work, no negotiating. Most people also don't always take the time to learn what the beliefs of the parties are and so just randomly pick one. To make it less complicated, the general public chooses what they think seems right based off of what the media tells them. And since the media never covers the candidates from the Independent Party, the people have no idea about it. But, I encourage you my loyal blog readers, to look into. It could change the future and the world as we know it.

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  1. Your post makes a good point. Interesting that Maine has had several independent governors and has an independent congressman (Angus King) but not many other states have done this. As you say, I wonder why . . . --RW