Monday, February 29, 2016

Does the Democrat Party Fear Donald Trump?

This morning I read a very interesting post by Alex Seitz-Wald and Benjy Sarlin on NBC News that stated facts on Trumps diverse campaign and how the Democratic candidates are afraid of this different approach on things. But in what way are they afraid oh him?

It isn't fair to say that the Democrat Party is afraid of Donald Trump beating them, but they're afraid of him winning. But, they are afraid of anyone who might take the place that they feel would better suit them, that's just how everyones minds this close to becoming president works. Donald Trump though, is currently winning in the polls and I'm sure to The Democrat Party he is a formidable "foe". The way the media scrutinizes over everything Donald Trump says or does only betters and strengthens his campaign, or vice versa. Many of Donald Trumps plans can be describe as racist, sac religious, sexist, inhumane, etc. Although I don't agree with all of that, it fears mostly the Democrats into using a method of painting him as a corrupt businessman like they did on Mitt Romney. This goes without saying though that they wouldn't have anyways. All in all, Democrats will be afraid of a Republican President and Republicans will be afraid of a Democratic President.

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